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Hey there! This is the index of my homepage! There isn’t really a whole lot going on here yet.

I am working on setting up the website’s layout before focusing too much on creating new content to fill it with.

Currently, links either starting or ending with / are for directory navigation, and links without them are not.


This is where any wordpress-like content will be added. For now, all that is there are archive copies of my wordpress content, which is relatively anemic.

NeoTracker project

This is where I am hosting infohashes that point people to the Osu! beatmap packs that I’ve made. Everyone else seems to have fallen down on the job of maintaining availability for the old torrents.

Knowledge Base

This is where my personal knowledge base will reside. It is currently just a tree document with a couple of files with real content. This is a long term project so don’t expect much from this for at least a year.


The sitemap of this site. May show files that are not actually on the website proper, due to the site being written in Org and then exported to HTML.

Author: Neopolitan

Created: 2022-06-12 Sun 20:55