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This article, and website, are currently under construction still. This is a placeholder and should ideally be removed before this site is linked in my profile again. Please email me if this boilerplate is still present in production.

About Me

I’m something of a fan of the unusual. Not as in, say, ghost stories.

Anything that lets me escape the dull same-ness of daily life is worth a second glance, at least.

I enjoy playing forum mafia, listening to music, playing video games, reading fanfiction, and telling people they’re wrong on the internet.

I blog now because doing so reminds me of how much fun I had exchanging emails with people in my high school years. It doesn’t quite capture that excitement, but I’m going to keep trying.

If you’re as excited to be here as I am, check out the links above!

Author: tn5421

Created: 2021-09-14 Tue 07:17