Under Construction

Posted April 6, 2021    Uncategorized

This article, and website, are currently under construction still. This is a placeholder and should ideally be removed before this site is linked in my profile again. Please email me if this boilerplate is still present in production.

Part 3: Phone Emulation on GNU/Linux based systems

Posted October 4, 2020    Series&Features: Advice no-one asked for

The objective of this article is to share my phone emulation setup, which works reasonably well for me, in the hopes that it is useful. This setup neatly solves the majority of "I'm unable to install certain apps!" problem that most have on Linux, by adding "ARM Translation" as part of the installation process.

Week 6: Frozen Plasma - Artificial [2006]

Posted September 20, 2020    Series&Features: Music Recommendations

I think for the next month I'll share some things I listened to on repeat in my teenage years. We'll start with Frozen Plasma - Artificial, which is an album I listened to on repeat in 2009-2010. I was experiencing the real world for the first time, and relating to these tracks is …

Week 5: Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park [1990]

Posted September 13, 2020    Series&Features: Music Recommendations

Let's not pretend I was going to post Nine Inch Nails and then not post Skinny Puppy. Majiffy would shoot me. Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park is an amazing album. I almost always listen to this and Pretty Hate Machine together. Anywho, you guys are here for my top 3.